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Name: Sinai Entrel
Gender: Female
Age: 25
DOB: March 28
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Brown 
A man in an apartment visible from her window has been flirting with her for the past few months. Finally tonight he holds up a sigh with his apartment room number.
Sinai sat at her coffee table, reading a Dan and Phil fanfiction and enjoying some coffee, when something hit her window. She immediately looked up to see, Derek (headcannon name for Bro) Strider. Every now and then he'd get her attention and ask her about proper parenting and there favorite show: Hussie Wars.
She opened her window and leaned out. "What up, Strider?" There was no reply which angered her a bit so she threw a napkin threw his window. "HEY WHAT DO YOU WANT?!" Derek looked up at her.
"Good morning, lady." He winked. Sinai rolled her eyes and sighed.
"What do you need, Strider? Hussie Wars comes on in a couple on minutes so make it quick."
"I was gonna ask if you wanted to come over tonight."
"Tonight huh? I don't think I'm busy, so sure. I'll be there."
"Sweet. I'm in roo-" He was cut off by Dave's crying. "Oh shit. Uh... C'mon lil man don't cry."
"Your bad flirting makes him cry."
"Shut up."
"It's 10:00. Hussie Wars is starting. I gotta go. Have fun with your baby."
"Y-yeah. See ya tonight."
Sinai waved good-bye and closed her window. She sat herself down on her couch and turned Hussie Wars on.
After a couple of hours of heartbreaking, feels crushing, faith-busting episodes, Sinai felt as it was time to get ready and head over to Derek's house. She took a nice long shower, fixed her hair, and got dressed. Satisfied with her look, she approached her door, when all of a sudden she realized: SHE DIDN'T HAVE THE ADDRESS.
Stressed out, Sinai paced around her kitchen. While passing the window she caught a glimpse of something in on Derek's window. A sizable sign with the characters: 4H. If that wasn't perfect timing then she didn't know what was.
Several minutes later, Sinai stood in front the Strider's door. She knocked and waited patiently. Derek opened the door. "Hey, Sinai. Come in." He moved from in front the door and left her in. She stepped inside."I didn't expect you to come."
"Why would you think that?" She questioned.
"Well most people just don't show up."
Sinai pouted. "Well that's mean!" Derek looked over at her and sighed, taking his shades off. Sinai eyes widened at this, seeing as Derek never took his shades off. Ever. 
He leaned in close and put his arm around her waist pulling her close. She was extremely flustered. "What are yo-" She was cut off by Derek's lips on hers. He had kissed her deeply, and pulled back. He looked gazed at her intensely with his orange eyes.
"Hey Sinai..."
Derek whispered in her ear "I like you."
"I-I... I like you too..." Sinai's face was bright red. Derek smiled at her and whispered once more.
"Do you wanna spend the night?"


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